What is NODUX?







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What is Nodux

What is NODUX?

NODUX organization is a Smart Contract based Platform composed by inspired minds who dreamed of a system where you can construct, provide and profit - a trading and mining tool. By constructing, we built it to you a trading and where investors participate, earn and also support the operation. And by profiting, we want your help to increase the value of each token, benefiting your interests and NDUX growth. We built an effective and transparent system where the capital helps US to increase the power of the mining infrastructure, helps the token stability and raise NODUX potential.

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Estimate your Returns

Invest $150

We built an effective and transparent system where the capital helps US to increase the power of the mining infrastructure, helps the token stability and raise NODUX potential.

Projected monthly profit for token holders:

Estimated Returns Calculator

Estimated if BTC market value is: 10K


Estimated Income for 1 year:

Estimated Income for 3 years:

Estimated if BTC market value is: 15K


Estimated Income for 1 year:

Estimated Income for 3 years:

Estimated if BTC market value is: 20K


Estimated Income for 1 year:

Estimated Income for 3 years:

* m = Monthly

See whitepaper for further information.

This values are estimated and you acknowledge that you must read the whitepaper for further details.


  1. Q3/2017

    NODUX Project Consolidation.

    1. Land Seeking.

    2. Strategic Partnerships.

    3. Budget Planning.

  2. Q1/2018

    1. Consolidation of Administrative and Technical Team.

    2. Web Development.

    3. Partnership with Manufacturers of Mining Equipments.

  3. Q2/2018

    1. May 10 Private Sale.

    2. May 15 ICO Presale Start without advertisement.

    3. Launch of Presale and ICO process.

    4. Start of New User's Backoffice Web Development with Dashboard.

  4. Q3/2018

    1. Partnership with hydroelectric power supplier.

    2. Mining infraestructure site building.

    3. Start mining farm implementations.

    4. Major exchange listing.

  5. Q4/2018

    1. New Back Office Release.

    2. Start mining operation and payments.

    3. Expansion of infraestructure in farm.

  6. Q1/2019

    1. Planning of special bonuses for token holders.

    2. Hardware maintenance.

    3. Hardware expansion to increase hashing power.

  7. Q2/2019

    1. Nodux Special programs to decrease circulating supply(Buy Back Program).

    2. Hardware expansion to increase hashing power.

  8. Q3/2019

    1. Hardware maintenance.

  9. Q4/2019

    1. Annual report of profits and payments made with the smart contract.

  10. Q1/2020

    1. Special program and update of Roadmap.


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See Bonus dates after registration.

Crowsale and Distribution.

Frequently asked questions.

1- What is Nodux?

Nodux is a mining farm that will operate mining bitcoin, exchanging to Ether the 50% of profits and giving it to the token holders. Payments will be made on day (25) of each month for 3 years during the mining operation. You must see whitepaper for further details and conditions

2- How investors will receive the profits?

Our smartcontract based platform already know for how long you are keeping our tokens and of course how much tokens you already have. The exchanged 50% of profits will be equaly divided between all the qualified tokens.

3- How tokens become qualified?

You should keep your tokens on a personal Ethereum wallet and be compliant with the following conditions:
a) The wallet that keeps the tokens should be mandatory registered on our investors dashboard (We need it to include it on our validation cycle).
b) You need to hold your tokens on your registered address with us for at least (25) days to be qualified.

4- Which type of wallets are supported?

You must use an Ethereum address that give you access to your private keys. If not, you can loose all your tokens and your investment, also you won't ever receive the mining profits. Examples of qualified wallets: MyEtherWallet, Metamask, Exodus(last update). Exchange wallets won't receive any mining profits and we do not recommend that you register any exchange wallet on our investors dashboard because you can loose all your mining profits.

5- Can I sell my tokens?

Of course you can, but you won't receive more payments because when our smartcontract goes to validate you on your registered address it will find that you have zero (0) or less tokens. If you sell a part of your tokens it doesn't matter, once your tokens pass the qualification steps, you will start receiving mining profits.

6- What if I buy at exchanges after ICO ends, will I receive profits from mining?

You can buy at the exchanges, after that you must register your address on our ico dashboard or investors dashboard and hold your tokens to complete the normal qualification process.

7- For how long will I be receiving payments?

We are offering giving to you the 50% of all the mining profits of the farm for a period of miners lifetime, this is usually (36) months, (3) years. However, there are 20% of reinvestment that will be done so new equipment with new lifetime wil be adquired every quarter of the year. So we don't have a date to stop mining for you. See whitepaper for more details.

8- What will Happen after having the (36) months of mining operation?

We may have bought significant amount of tokens to increase our share and also we will have special programs to buy and burn tokens. Some miners could have been permanently damaged or obsolete, but we will have new miners from reivestments.

9- When will you start your buyback program?

Date is not specified yet, as wise investors we will likely buy with our company funds when we find the right market opportunities.

11- Will you have any airdrops programs?

We have functions developed in our smartcontract that will be used later in a promotional announcement. We will reward long time holders. Will a special % of our Reserved Token Funds.

12- When Will you Use your reserved tokens?

We won’t register this reserved funds to receive additional profit from mining by ourselves for as long as they are on our reserved wallet. See whitepaper for more details and conditions.

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